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More efficient crushed sand production

Rotor impact mills with a narrow milling gap produce a higher proportion of fine sand

The new rotor impact mills of type RPMF produce even finer fractions as well as output material with a significantly higher proportion of fine sand. As such, they are more efficient in producing crushed sand. The RPMF design is a variant of the rotor impact mills (RPM), which are known in the industry as ‘sand makers.’ BHS designed both types of machines to be used primarily with pre-crushed, brittle and mildly abrasive. Impact crushing has proven to be the best method for crushing these kinds of materials.

BHS-Sonthofen developed the new machine type specifically for finer output sizes. Thanks to a longer, narrower milling gap and increased circumferential speed (of up to 90 m/s) in the rotor, the RPMF archive higher reduction ration than other machines do. As a result, they provide users with output material that contains a higher proportion of fine-sand.

Exhibitor: BHS-Sonthofen GmbH