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Design and Protection of Concrete Buildings with Metalized Colours

KEIM Concretal-Lasur is a semi-transparent up to highly translucent concrete glaze coating. Strictly speaking, glazing of concrete building elements is a colour modulation to cover the “natural shade” with a new tone. Visual shortcomings can be equalised or a colourful design performed. A special feature is that the concrete keeps its visual character and even enhances the expression.


  • Retention of the original concrete aesthetics
  • Perfect levelling of unevenly appearing fair-faced concrete surfaces
  • Strengthening action thanks to siliceous silicification
  • High weathering protection
  • Very fast redrying thanks to extremely low sd (H2O)-value
  • Mineral matt surface
  • Absolutely light-resistant by purely, mineral pigments
  • Any concrete colour shade can be formulated
  • Minimal soiling due to the anti-static, non-thermoplastic binding agent
  • Preserves the texture

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Exhibitor: Keimfarben GmbH