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The PASCHAL Group is an international specialist for concrete formwork, support systems and formwork planning software. PASCHAL products can be found in over 40 countries. PASCHAL offers a comprehensive spectrum of services for concrete construction based on more than 50 years of experience. These services range from the development and production of highperformance formwork and support systems through to worldwide sales and right through to reliable product and customer support. The spectrum of products offered by PASCHAL includes systems for modern wall, slab and support formwork, customer formwork, climbing and platform systems, support structures and
bracings, as well as specialised software systems for planning, organisation and management in the concrete construction. From its headquarters in the PASCHAL facility G. Maier GmbH, which is based in Steinach in the German state Baden-Wuerttemberg, the company, which is led by the Managing Director Barbara R. Vetter, operates four branches and a service center in Germany and subsidiaries and
international shareholdings.

Products and services

PASCHAL will demonstrate the practical application options, the system diversity and the compatibility of the systems and components for quick and easy use in reinforced concrete construction.
The following systems will be presented and demonstrated: Modular formwork, modular column formwork, dismantling inside corner post, LOGO.3 and LOGO alu and TTR.

Modular /GE Universal Formwork

Designed for hand-set applications as well as crane dependant large-size formwork Modular design principle and well-balanced panel selection make gangforming possible even for complicated layout plans Flat steel frame for guaranteed sturdiness and a long product life cycle Compatible with all PASCHAL systems Keybolt as a universal means of connection for all panels and accessories Large-size panel GE.

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Wall Formwork LOGO.3

Small number of ties (0.62 ties/m²)
Quick panelconnection with wedge clamps (only 1.8kg in weight)
Profiled flat steel frame for guaranteed sturdiness and long product life span Quick accessory fastening on multi-functional cross profiles
Vertical or horizontal deployment for all panels
Multi-purpose panel for corners, columns, stop ends
Well-balanced panel selection

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TTR Trapezoidal Girder Formwork

Circular Formwork with adjustable radii for waste water treatment plants, container construction, water parks, towers, stairwells, garage entrances, gardening and landscaping.
Infinitely adjustable for diameters from 2 - 5 meters, and 5 meters to infinite
Only 0.28 - 0.55 ties/m²
Delivered ready to use to the construction site
Perfectly round and with exact dimensions
System solutions for haunch girders and uneven surfaces

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