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Since mbk Maschinenbau GmbH was established in 1961 by Georg Pfender, the company has developed to be one of the leading producers of cage welding machines and equipment for the building and concrete industry, by technical know-how, inventive thinking, high quality standards and a close cooperation with customers. More than 1,100 welding machines have meanwhile been sold to over 60 countries worldwide. As a mid-sized family owned enterprise mbk excels by a fair partnership with customers, employees and business friends. Especially customers are treated with the highest priority. With our innovative and durable products we offer you the greatest possible benefit and investment security.
From the first planning sketch to production and installation, including after-sales service, our customers always receive competent and individual advice on standard machines, customer-specific adaptations, development projects and the construction of special machines.

Products and services

More than 55 years of experience in high class machinery guarantee innovation, quality and service. We are able to offer a diverse product range of the following machine types.

Cage welding machines for the production of reinforcement for the manhole and concrete pipe industry

  • ISM
  • ESM
  • BSM
  • BSM-ROR (patented)
  • BSM-Automation solutions

Cage welding machines for the production of reinforcement for driven and bored piles, poles, masts, columns and beams

  • ASM
  • RSM
  • VSM-S/V
  • VSM-Automation solutions

Mesh welding machines for the production of reinforcement mesh

  • MSM-L/S
  • MSM-B
  • MSM-M
  • MSM-H
  • MSM-Automation solutions 

Truss welding machines

  • TSM
  • GTM

Wire straightening and cutting machine

  • DRA


  • Diverse accessory range for our welding machines
  • Second-hand machines
  • Refurbished and updated machines

The entire line of cage welding machines for the production of reinforcement cages for the manhole and concrete pipe industry meets all requirements placed on high productivity, maximum flexibility and tightest tolerances for high-precision and straight cages and have gained a good reputation for low maintenance and energy costs. Simple handling and a minimum of personnel are two of the prime factors that ensure the success of efficient day-to-day production with these machines.

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Mesh welding line for automated production of box culvert reinforcements and rectangular pipes as well as meshes for flat elements, frame profiles and L and U shaped pre-cast parts

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For the production of round and square reinforcement cages for driven and bored piles, columns and beams

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MBK Maschinenbau GmbH
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88353 Kisslegg

Phone: +49 7563 91310
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Internet: www.mbk-kisslegg.de
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Contact person

Uwe Schwenkglenks
Area Sales Manager
Phone: +49 151 17008460
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News & Innovations

New cage welding machine ASM
With the new cage welding machine ASM for the flexible production of reinforcement for driven and bored piles as well as supports and masts MBK expanded its range of products. MBK presents a machine that allows flexibility, individuality and economy all in one. This guarantees a high degree of investment security.
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New cage welding machine with variable spreading round-oval-round (patented)
With our new cage welding machine it is possible to produce cages with variable, intermeshing geometry.
In the production process, the reinforcing cages are flowed from one shape to another one and back to the first again, for example round-oval-round. Thus, the tensile stresses, which are located in the concrete pipe by 90 ° in different diameter ranges, will be covered by only one reinforcement cage.
This is achieved by the new development of a spreading system, in which the linear movement of a main spreading drive is divided into different linear movements of the individual sliders, each holding a longitudinal. A particular challenge now lies in the hydraulic control of two, partly in synchronism, partly in the controlled counter-direction hydraulic drives.

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