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EIRICH stands worldwide for a comprehensive range of products and services in the field of preparation technology. Its particular focus is on mixing and fine grinding technology, with know-how developed over 150 years of close cooperation with industrial users, universities and research institutions.
Pursuing a corporate philosophy of operating internationally and thereby ensuring close proximity to every customer, the EIRICH Group has secured its place in all the key economic regions of the world.
The focus is on innovative technology for machinery and systems Engineering designed to offer solutions for high-standard preparation tasks from a single source.
Applications and process technology with own test centers, a high vertical range of production and comprehensive after-sales service provide the ideal basis for the development of modern and economical processes for a multitude of industries.

Products and services

EIRICH offers top technologies for the preparation of building materials and is the industries partner right along the complete process chain, from the delivery of the raw materials to the transfer of the finished products. Special process know-how is provided for the production of concrete, dry mortar/plaster and sand lime bricks. The company develops and manufactures machines and equipment for industrial processing technology with processes such as granulation, drying and, in particular, mixing and fine grinding. The family enterprise offers its customers stand-alone machines with process peripherals right through to turnkey processing plants. The company has been operating in industrial mixing technology for over 100 years. The portfolio includes mixers for industrial applications with a volume of 1 to 12,000 l as well as lab mixers.
EIRICH Intensive Mixer Type D23

The EIRICH Intensive Mixer Type D23 with the unique mixing principle and a batch capacity from 1,500 up to 3,000 liters.
• Short mixing time and high homogeneity due to high energy input into the mix
• Reliable reproducibility of product quality and batch processing times
• minimal cleaning effort

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News & Innovations

The SmartFix system for changing mixing tools significantly reduces maintenance costs
EIRICH has developed a quick-change system for the beaters. Replacement of the beaters is now a simple procedure and only takes a few minutes. Users who have migrated to the new system report a drastic reduction in downtime and maintenance costs. One very clever feature is the ability to easily swap beaters that have wear reserves with beaters which are located in zones with greater stress and show higher wear, making maximum use of the material.
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