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For nearly 140 years Keimfarben has been successfully working at advancing the silicate technology.
Today Keimfarben is the leading specialist for mineral building protection systems. Our product range covers exterior and interior paints, mineral renders and fillers, wood systems, concrete repair and protection systems, natural stone systems. Our products are produced exclusively in Germany and are sold worldwide through our 11 subsidiaries and more than 30 distributors.

Due to convincing benefits of our products such as best mineral quality and longevity we have gained the excellent reputation among painters and decorators, architects, housing industry and developers worldwide. Our mineral solutions are suitable for new construction and for renovation of historic buildings.

Products and services

  • Mineral Paints/Coatings for Exterior and Interior
  • Specialized Paints and Stains for Concrete and Wood
  • Mineral Renders & Fillers
  • Restauration Mortars and Mineral Stains for Natural Stone

Sol-silicate one-component paint for translucent or opaque thin layer coatings. Especially economical, preventive concrete protection. Dilutions are possible in any ratio with Concretal-Base or Concretal-Fixativ to perform a translucent finish or to equalise visual shortcomings.

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Specialized Paints and Stains for Concrete

Damage and effective protection, on the one hand, and achieving architectural aims on the other, often seem to be mutually exclusive.

On the contrary, with KEIM Concretal we can effectively protect the concrete while retaining its mineral character, achieving specifications with regard to design, appearance, conservation and protection.

Using mineral protection products, the unique design makes the KEIM Concretal System appear like natural concrete.

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Mineral Paints/Coatings for Exterior

As leading specialists for mineral building protection systems, we develop and produce solutions for building exteriors and interiors. Our mission: to produce the most natural, brilliant, healthy and durable paints, in other words, the best paints in the world.
Highly durable, absolutely lightfast and UV-stable, naturally sustainable

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Keimfarben GmbH
Keimstr. 16
86420 Diedorf

Phone: +49 821 4802-144
Fax: +49 821 4802-179
Internet: www.keim.com
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Antje Bensch
Export Manager
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News & Innovations

Design and Protection of Concrete Buildings with Metalized Colours

KEIM Concretal-Lasur is a semi-transparent up to highly translucent concrete glaze coating. Strictly speaking, glazing of concrete building elements is a colour modulation to cover the “natural shade” with a new tone. Visual shortcomings can be equalised or a colourful design performed. A special feature is that the concrete keeps its visual character and even enhances the expression.


  • Retention of the original concrete aesthetics
  • Perfect levelling of unevenly appearing fair-faced concrete surfaces
  • Strengthening action thanks to siliceous silicification
  • High weathering protection
  • Very fast redrying thanks to extremely low sd (H2O)-value
  • Mineral matt surface
  • Absolutely light-resistant by purely, mineral pigments
  • Any concrete colour shade can be formulated
  • Minimal soiling due to the anti-static, non-thermoplastic binding agent
  • Preserves the texture

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Heat Reducing Coatings

KEIM Soldalit-Coolit is the first mineral paint with IR-reflective effect, developed specially for hot, extreme climate conditions and aggressive sunlight. This unique attribute results from the use of selected natural raw materials. The ideal combination of liquid potassium silicate as binder, mineral fillers from natural deposits and solely inorganic colour pigments guarantees maximum weather resistance and unsurpassed durability.

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UV Resistant Facade Coatings

Colours change when exposed to UV light and other external influences: wood goes dark or grey, and facades fade. The latter can be avoided: silicate paints by KEIM contain only lightfast, inorganic pigments and mineral binding agents such as potassium silicate or sol-silicate.
Potassium silicate is not just a natural binding agent: it is also extremely weather-resistant. In contrast to emulsion paints, the inorganic pigments are not enclosed in a film but are exposed directly to the rays of light.
The colour shades shine directly out of the velvety matt surface, revealing an amazing, durable depth and brilliance.
And so KEIM facades remain unchanged for decades.

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