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PASCHAL-Plan light "PPL 11.0" is compatible with the IFC4 BIM interface

PASCHAL formwork planning for the next generation. PASCHAL-Plan light "PPL 11.0" has been equipped with numerous useful functions. The reading in of 3D model data and fully automatic formwork planning with all PASCHAL formwork systems is now a reality and this represents a new feature in terms of formwork software.

The PPL 11.0 formwork software supports the construction workflow of the entire project throughout the construction planning and construction phase, including material administration up to the formwork mounting and dismantling times.

The software developers at planitec GmbH, the IT company in the PASCHAL Group have worked together in close collaboration with the formwork experts on the comprehensive further development of the PPL 10.0 formwork software intensively for two years. We have been able to provide the users with a highly efficient and practically oriented program that also solves complex projects and formwork requirements fully automatically.
PPL 11.0 formwork software
The fully automatic PPL 11.0 formwork software reads in the BIM data via the integrated IFC interface and generates the ideal formwork complete planning from the data.

PPL 11.0 the fully automatic formwork program

PPL has always been up to date and this is also true in terms of integrated interfaces. PPL 11.0 now possesses three important interfaces for importing and exporting: DXF, DWG and IFC4 – a new feature for formwork software.
Using the IFC interface, complete and complex model data can now be read in without errors. On this basis, PPL 11.0 then independently carries out the optimal formwork planning.
The user may then accept the result, but they do not have to. They have the option of manually editing the formwork proposal and selecting and placing precisely formwork elements of their choice and accessories from the symbol library.

Optimised slab module in accordance with DIN EN 1065

The use of prefabricated concrete elements such as the slab panels will of course also be considered in the formwork planning. The calculation parameters from DIN EN 1065 have been integrated into PPL 11.0 and coordinated with the use of the H20 beams as main and cross girders. Main and cross girders can be selected separately from each other.

Completely in the background - simple in practice

Despite the level of complexity that BIM involves, the software developers have been able to make PPL 11.0 extremely easy to operate. The software and formwork specialists have placed a particularly high importance on the software being easy to operate and that it provides the users, who are mostly construction companies with useful results.
Therefore, both newcomers and occasional users can use PPL 11.0.

100% suitable for daily use

The formwork planning can be both simplified and also represented realistically due to the optimised graphics. PPL 11.0 is so powerful that
up to 50,000 formwork elements can be represented in detail in one model. It is clear that PPL 11.0 can also be used for the formwork planning of larger projects and projects with complex designs.
From the formwork planning, PPL 11.0 creates exact material, quantity and parts lists for all stages that can also be used as the basis for calculations which makes the work scheduling considerably easier.
The material composition can be ordered in terms of concreting phases, in order to carry out the specific planning of the individual phase and the formwork material, accessories and concrete quantities required. The weights will also be specified here in order to be able to make corresponding plans for the transportation vehicles.
As a result, PPL 11.0 is ideally suited to provide effective support for construction companies during tender preparation, work scheduling and billing.

Exhibitor: Paschal-Werk G. Maier GmbH

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