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BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH

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About us

BFS GmbH, Blaubeuren develops designs and builds machines for the production of high quality precast concrete elements, for application in irrigation and waste water systems.

Sophisticated machine technology for production processes, with flexible depth of fabrication are the core competences of BFS GmbH and its Italian daughter company BFS S.r.l.

The diversity of the range of products is based on the individual and requirement explicit execution of the machines and production lines. In close cooperation with each individual customer, a customised and efficient production platform is created for high quality products.
Starting from semi automated stand alone machines, up to complete turnkey and fully automated factories BFS designs and delivers individual equipment based on modular elements.

With up to date technology and knowhow BFS has managed to establish itself as an innovation engine and technology leader.
Small or large plans? We have the answers. BFS GmbH.

Products and services

Machines for the production of concrete pipes in diameter DN 250 up to DN 3600 mm. Machines for manhole elements like raiser rings, manhole bases, cones and flat tops as well as monolithical manhole bases with integrated flow channels.

machines for prodcution of box culverts and heavy elements based on vertical or central core vibration.

Factories for spun and steel cylinder pressure pipes in various lengths and diameters. Factories for spun poles and piles in lengths from 6 to 45 meters.

Wet cast line for natural look stone tiles, pavers, wall elements etc.
Turn over machine for a huge variety of precast concrete elements, like channels, cattle slats, boxes etc.
Production line for railway sleepers.
Moulds and special production lines and machines.
Modular equipment, low maintenance, high flexibility, short modification times, easy operation.......

Atlantic incl. Automation

Atlantic incl. Automation

BFS high end and high performance manhole machine, for manhole rings, manhole bases and cones. With and without steps.

BFS Souveraen

BFS Souveraen

High productivity pipe machine for diameters from DN 250 till DN 1800 mm in lengths of up to 6.000 mm.
Up to 40 pcs. hour in small diameter pipes.
Ultimate and uniform compaction over complete length of pipes.
Quality of pipes and spec of production independent of skill of operator.

Mammut vibration table with linear feed system.

Mammut vibration table with linear feed system.

Mammut vibration table for vertical vibration of heavy concrete elements, like box culverts, manhole bases and setting basins.

Optimised vibration over complete surface of table in combination with a uniform feeding system creates high end products with optimal compaction and face parrallel joints.
max. table size... for now appr. 9000 x 7000 mm.
Two feeding systems available.

News & Innovations

BFS Rotosprint 

BFS has recently revived and updated their Rotosprint turnover machine for production of concrete precast elements like channels, connection boxes, cattle slats, poles, beams, slabs etc.
The machine can be built in a stationarry version, with manual product handling or with an automated handling system, as well as in a mobile egg laying version.

This machine has an uncompeted flexibility in product range and productivity and can, like all BFS machines be modified on basis of modular components.

Easy operation and low maintenance round off the features.


BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH
Dr. Georg Spohn Str. 31
89143 Blaubeuren

Phone: +49 7344 96030
Fax: +49 7344 4710

Giel Janssen
Area Sales Manager
Phone: +49 151 46675348

Rieckermann Services Ltd.
Arabian Business Center, Fifth Floor, Office 506, King Abdullah Street,Al Ruwais District
21462 Jeddah
Saudi Arabia

Phone: +96 6126 502959

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